Hey y’all! Welcome to our living room! This is the most important room for our family so I wanted to make it extra warm and cozy for fall!

One of the many reasons that attracted us to our home was the oversized fireplace. We love using it all winter with fresh cut wood. I have many memories as a child going to my grandparents house and the fireplace was also oversized and I loved to sit on the ledge – well sometimes even walk across it back and forth like it was a bean pole. Anyways, because I had so many memories, I knew I wanted my house to create a similar emotion. We decided not to paint it white – like most are now days. We loved the character of the bricks. They are a variety of different colors and naturally makes the living room a more cozy warm place.

When I had this mantle custom designed the guy looked at me a little crazy because of the way the fireplace curves. Once it was complete the look of the fireplace drastically changed and now I can decorate! The first piece I started with was the pumpkins. I am big on mixing metals lately and rich hues. So I used gold, silver, champagnes and burgundy’s as my color scheme.

I found these beautiful assortment of flowers that matched my color scheme perfectly and individually placed them around the pumpkins. I then used “filler” items to give the mantle a “Pop” of color!

Our fireplace is huge – the mantle is almost six feet long so I filled in the space above and added a welcome wreath and rustic mirrors. I love wreaths, they are so warm and adds so much character to any door, so why not a massive fireplace? 🙂

I always – always enjoy using a garland on a mantle. I typically drape the garland in various ways rather than just propping it up on the mantle. Here are a few tips to accomplishing this look- one, buy a lot of garland. Measure your mantle and add 5-8 more feet of the garland so it can hang down off the mantle or create a “U” shape frame on the mantle. Two, use command strips or for more permanent markers use nails. Three, floral wire is your best friend, combine the garland and cut/trim accordingly. Okay and lastly- most importantly- FLUFF your garland to give it a 3D shape.

I used an olive tree branch garland- still rich in color but more on the neutral side. I then added my cute little pears to the garland.

For the bottom of the fireplace I used an oversized laced white pumpkin and a cute jute basket with a plaid blanket.

Simple additions to your decor such as getting out a basket and putting a blanket in it warms up your space. Adding a seasonal pillow to your couch and accent chairs. Both of these options are super easy and affordable!

For accessories, I used a pretty copper planter with faux florals and let’s not forget your fall scented candles! It doesn’t always have to be pumpkin they have so many varieties, like this one, spice apple bourbon- I am sure you will find something that warms your heart when you smell it. 🙂

For the kitchen I kept it pretty clean. On the bar I found a large metal vase and put died eucalyptus leaves in it and surrounded it with velvet pumpkins. I like to keep this place open and clean for entertaining.

To get a similar look, I linked some of my sources below:

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