It’s finally here y’all! The fall season is one of my second favorites, coming behind Christmas! I love the changing temperature, falling leaves, and the hot apple cider conversations we get to have with family friends. The season is also a reminder of how blessed we all are and I’m reminded everyday to be thankful!

This year I wanted to keep the decor neutral but use more earth tones. My main inspiration came from the color of the eucalyptus plant and pairing it neutrals (bone and ivory) for a really pretty combination. However, you all know me, I LOVE color so I added pops of blush and lagoon and loved how the scheme turned out.

Let’s talk about these pumpkins shall we? I have not found a better quality, most luxurious styled pumpkin than Daria’s Hot Skwash Pumpkins! All the pumpkins are hand made in the USA, they even have their own pumpkin farm to produce organic and beautiful stems to adorn the fabric pumpkins with. If you are looking for a high quality, durable way to style this year, I highly recommend starting a collection, click here!

I hope you feel inspired to get started on your fall decorating after reading this post. Thank you to all of you who have supported me this last year jump start my passion into blogging. Thank you to Hot Swash for partnering with me this holiday season to provide the best to my readers! Lastly, a huge thanks to my dear friends who let me borrow their beautiful home this year, while we continue to build our new one. Big Hugs all around!

Living Room


There’s nothing more pretty than a sutle hint of the season. I love to style coffee tables with layering books and adding seasonal decor on top. Create a warming environment by adding candles!

Ottomans are a great way to add in seasonal decor. One of my favorite tips I tell people when buying blankets is find those with tassels! Throws with tassels lay well and create more effect. For the pumpkins, I showcased a Jumbo featured “Cashew” pumpkin, 8′ size “Spa” pumpkin, and a 5″ inch in ivory.

For the coffee table I used ivory, bone, spa, lagoon, and blush pumpkins.

Nothing makes me happier than fresh florals. I used cream roses and paired them with two separate variations of hypericum beries.

Trinket trays are great to collect to place candles on.

Recreate The Look:
Fresh Eucalyptus
Assortment of Velvet Pumpkins (different sizes)
Creating this mantle was very easy, I simply laid down a bed of fresh silver dollar eucalyptus. I enjoy working with this greenery because it dries well so it last several weeks. Then I evenly distributed the velvet pumpkins across the mantle. In my case, the mantle I was working with was slim so I used the smaller size pumpkins to fill the space. Using different sizes helps create dimension. If you have media that you cannot remove, I suggest masking it with either greenery or using a linen.

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Here’s a little sneak peak for Monday’s big reveal of the dining room and kitchen. Stay tuned!

Until Next Time,
Whitney Elaine

*This post is done in partnership with Hot Skwash and contains affiliate links.