Thanksgiving is almost here! I am thrilled to be bringing you one of my favorite tabletop brands this holiday season – Coton Colors!

During the holidays, for most of us, it’s the peak season for family and friends gathering around the table.  Coton Colors offers an easy and simple approach to tabletop making so that you can focus more on creating memorable moments.

Another reason I really love Coton Colors is because of their concept, “Swap Tabletop”. Swap Tabletop allows you to easily mix and match your table ware to fit any occasion! If you have been following me for some time, I am always mix-matching my tabletops to create a new and fresh look.  Pair their stylish seasonal lines with their everyday classic statement pieces,  and you have an impressive table with very little effort.  Whether you’re looking to grow your tabletop collection or looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, I highly recommend starting with Coton Colors! ~Click Here TO Shop~To see their swap tabletop line – Click Here-

In addition, I have linked all my sources below for you. Thank you Coton Colors for allowing me to use your beautiful line this holiday season.

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When coming up with the initial concept of this table, I fell in love with Coton Colors Turkey Salad Plates. I loved the muted olive tone and wanted to base my table off of that.

Recreate the Look- Place Setting

Cobble Small Dot Ruffle Round Platter

Ecru Arabesque Trim Scallop Edge Dinner Plate

Olive Turkey Ruffle Salad Plate 

I am all about keeping essentials on hand. Having basic plates that can complement seasonal ones is key. For this table I used the cobble platters as charges. Can we please talk about how pretty the ruffle is? They are beautifully crafted and hand painted by artisans. On top of the platter, I used the arabesque scallop dinner plate. I love the look of this plate -they are timeless and pair well with everyday occasions but can also be dressed up for evening dinner!  Lastly, the focal point to this table, the salad turkey plates.

I used an organic approach to the center of the table using fresh peppercorn, eucalyptus and seasonal flowers like spider mums and blue thistle. To create this look, start by adding the greenery as your base. Next, create a focal floral centerpiece. I love adding curly willow into my vases during this season. Not only does it make the arrangement look warm but creates a grid to insert your florals. Place arrangement in center of table. Next, I added two more small arrangements. Here’s a tip- Save those glass jars (these are baby food jars) and are perfect height for incorporating into a garland. I then mix-matched votives and placed them all around the table.

Coton Colors also offers beautiful seasonal platters. I liked how this platter complemented our chargers and the generous size. You can easily fit large pies or display it on a stand in your kitchen. The message is perfect for the occasion.

God is Great Platter

Additionally, another beautiful crafted piece to showcase all your baked goods is their cake stand platters.

Cobble Spot On Ruffle Cake Stand

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Thank you for taking the time to view this post. I am so grateful for all of you supporting and following me. You don’t know how much it means. Big HUGS! Additionally, I hope you got some inspiration for your Thanksgiving table. I’d love to hear what you think. Stay tuned later this week for a kid Thanksgiving table with Coton Colors!


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