Well! What a great week guys! This is so fun sharing a room a day. I’m glad you also like the bonuses. 🙂
Today I’m talking about our revamped outdoor space.

We completely overhauled this backyard. We re-graded, new concrete, new landscaping, new stone… everything! Now its a total entertainment backyard, just how I like it!

We had a custom pergola made- I will go more into detail below. We also put in a brick gas firepit. Nothing is better than friends coming over and staying for hours!

We live in Houston so this firepit gets used 7 months out of the year. I wanted to create a space were I could have everyone in one place. I wanted to recreate the feeling of sitting around a camp fire so we poured concrete in a half circle. This area comfortable seats 8 people. I recently changed out the charcoal to fire glass and love it even more!

To frame out the firepit, we made a bed and put seasonal florals around the firepit. Currently, I have white pansies and they look fabulous!

Now let’s talk about the pergola. I wanted it to be an entertainment center so we drew out a sketch and this is what we came up with. I wanted a place for sitting and I also wanted a bar to serve beverages and food. When we entertain for large parties, it’s easy for bartenders to come and set up right here!

I try my best to excercise my green thumb so we added several areas around the backyard to grow seasonal flowers and plants. One thing we did add which I love is blue mountain stone for the walkways to the garage and to the master bedroom door. In between the stone we at first tried monkey grass but it was hard to keep alive. 🙂 So we poured crushed granite and works just fine!