Hello Again! We are back day two of reveling our before and afters of our home. Today we are featuring our bathrooms!

Previously our master bathroom was pretty small. We decided to add onto our property to make a nice size walk in closet so we cannibalized the one closet in the room to make a space for our new bath.

I love the look of white on white so we selected white cabinets and Calcutta Gold marble for the top. Previously, we had drawers at the bottom of the cabinet but found that the kids wanted to get into all of them. So we decided to add a storage cabinet on top in between the two sinks.

I wanted to find a rustic mirror and was having a hard time doing so, so I DIY’d our mirrors by simply picking up Hobby Lobby mirrors and staining them a color I liked. I was shocked at how good they turned out!

All of our hardware on our vanity is antiqued brass. I love the rustic warmth the color brings and is a unique selection from what we have been seeing lately.

For flooring, we went with a grey limestone. I loved all the movement in the pieces.

Our shower is now big enough to fit the entire family.. literally. A few tips if you are remodeling. One, invest in your showerheads! Nothing is worse than getting a low quality shower after you spend thousands remodeling. We selected Newport Brass rainfall and shower fixtures and are so pleased with them! Secondly, consider putting a bench in if you are forgoing a tub. It allows us girls to shave. 🙂 Thirdly, consider putting in shampoo boxes to put all our wash product in- it saves space and all those bottles will have a place. Lastly, dress your shower up- consider laying the subway in different patterns! Here we did brick pattern for the walls, mosaic for the shampoo inserts, and herringbone pattern for the ceiling.

Selections for the shower- black honed limestone, white subway tile, newport brass fixtures and shower heads.

For our guest bathroom/ kid bedroom we wanted it to be a space that is comfortable for guest to use but also functional to still bathe the kids.

For this space we selected white cabinetry, carrara marble. If you noticed in the before pictures there was an old pole connected to the half wall so we removed that to make it more open.

We had a company come and measure the space to create a custom framed mirror for this bathroom. We used antique brass lighting fixture, which by the way I found on Amazon!! I added some floating shelves above the lavatory to warm the place up a bit!

All of the hardware is from Anthropologie. I love their selections!

For the tub, I wanted to have fun with since it will be mainly a “kid space”. I selected a decorative mosaic for the walls. For some reason it reminded me of a kids bath so I instantly picked it up knowing it would be perfect for this space. I wanted the curtain to be again, kid friendly, fun and vibrant, at the sametime, be attractive for our guest. I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and grabbed all of it! It reminds me of Anthropologie! I had my aunt make it a shower curtain for me, she did a fabulous job!

All of our linens in both bathrooms are from Dandelion textiles! I love the turkish towel for any bathroom and they do a great job in providing quality towels. You can find them on Amazon!

I hope you got some great ideas for updating your house! If you ever have any questions about the process feel free to reach out to me via email!

Sources linked below. 🙂

Whitney Elaine

*BONUS* Master Closet Addition!

Our master closet was a big endeavor because we added onto our house to make a 15×15 closet. I’m opening up and becoming a little vulnerable with these photos with y’all because I need to purge but wanted to share the space.

I loved finding this makeup vanity. To keep my makeup clean, I store everything in this acrylic stand.

We decided to go with an Elfa closet system. Our experience with the Container Store was great and I would recommend them. Some of my favorite storage pieces is the pull out shoe racks and the paneled front pull out drawers.

Another way to dress up the closet is by placing fun signs instead of designer shopping bags. I also like to put my perfumes on trays.

That’s it! I hope the mess didn’t scare you too much! Perhaps I will show you the before and afters when I get this room cleaned up. 🙂

Until next time,
Whitney Elaine