Pink Ombre Girls Nursery!

Welcome to Eden Marie’s nursery! I had so much fun putting her room together for a second time, post Harvey. I wanted to keep the theme pink ombre. My favorite color is pink, secretly I hope hers is too. 🙂

It all started with the rug as my inspiration! I mean is it not precious or what? I wanted to keep the rest of the furniture neutral in color. Her crib is from Bratt Decor. I just love the detailing on the railings. It’s also nice, because you can see her from any angle no matter where you put the monitor because its open. Her previous wood crib was thicker between the railings and made it harder to see that sweet little one sleep. Her window treatments are from West Elm. They are great quality and darken the room well.

I had her name laser cut from wood and painted in a gold to match her two tier end tables. Okay, and Mommas-to-be, listen up! This glider/rocker/recliner was the best decision I made! When I had Douglas I cheaped out on the chair in his room. It was super uncomfortable nursing. Invest in your chair in the nursery! I promise you will be thankful! This blush “mom boss” marshmallow rocker is linked below.

This is where all the photography sessions go down of Eden Marie. When I saw this hot pink couch at Home Goods, I could barely stand it. I had to get it. Don’t you love it when that happens to you?!!! Total Win = Week Made, or maybe even month. 🙂 Anyways, I have left this wall pretty open – the reason why is I feel once they turn 12/18 months their needs and wants start changing so I see this being the future toy wall for her.

Her dresser is from Pottery Barn. Get the extra wide if your room is big enough! I really like the design of her dresser. I use the top two drawers for diapers and cremes. Then I found these cute white wicker baskets with pink gingham covers. Above the diaper area is a decor shelf, filled with fun, imaginative items. When I first learned about Jeff Koons, I felt like a kid, so naturally, I had to put this pink balloon dog in her room.

For toy storage in her room I found this organizer at Target. I like the concept because I can give her one box a day and she’s happy. The next day she gets a new box and so on. Filtering the toys help keep you from buying more and also allowing them to play with everything they have at once. They like order and I think the boxes work well.

For books at this age, I just put them in storage bins. Most of the books are on the smaller side so they fit nicely in the bins.

I love her little room, and I hope you got some inspiration to dress up one of your rooms! Sources to her room are below!

Have a PINKtastic day! 🙂

Until next time,
Whitney Elaine