If you have saw my Coton Colors Thanksgiving tabletop you know I mentioned how effortless swapping your tabletop can be with this line. For this Christmas, I am taking the same staple pieces but changing the entire look for a Christmas setting by adding a statement salad plate!

Coton Colors truly offers an easy and simple approach to tabletop making so that you can focus more on creating memorable moments.  I really love Coton Colors because of their concept, “Swap Tabletop”. Swap Tabletop allows you to easily mix and match your table ware to fit any occasion! I am always mix-matching my tabletops to create a new and fresh look.  Pair their stylish seasonal lines with their everyday classic statement pieces,  and you have an impressive table with very little effort.  Whether you’re looking to grow your tabletop collection or looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, I highly recommend starting with Coton Colors! ~Click Here TO Shop~To see their swap tabletop line – Click Here-

In addition, I have linked all my sources below for you. Thank you Coton Colors for allowing me to use your beautiful line this holiday season.

Place Setting

For each place setting I used the small dot ruffle platter, then layered it with the ecru scalloped dinner plate. Lastly, I used these adorable Mery Merry salad plates. To go along with my vintage theme- I used Victorian style flatware and vintage gold wine glasses.

One thing that I really try to do to make my settings stand out  is lining up my flatware evenly.  That means keeping the bottoms of each silverware even with the other, placemats and chargers all in a row. If you need a refresher on how to set your table –click here-. One common mistake I often see on the internet is the knife. The knife is supposed to face inward toward the plate, not outward.  Layering the three plates ontop each other is a great way to display your Christmas tablescape. However, when I’m ready to entertain, I will typically  place the  salad greens on the salad plate. I will then let my own guest put the desired amount of dressing on their own salad. Depending on whether you doing a buffet, tableside, or a waited dinner, will determine if the dinner plate remains on the table or is served warmed, later. The charger plate will remain on the table the entire time of the dinner. To get more information on etiquette of serving -click here-

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Tablescape Design

For the center of the table, I was first inspired by vintage ornaments and ornamental glass jars. I knew I wanted to display ornaments in these jars and make them a focal point to the table.  I started with a large clear glass bowl and filled it with snow. I then placed my favorite ornaments on top. To complement the color scheme, I used champagne votives and styled them in glass jars and ornaments around the candle. I found the cute floral rhinestone wreaths at a consignment shop, and love how they add an extra layer to the design. I also used Bottle brush trees to fill in the spaces. With the extra ornaments I had, I scattered them around the center to fill in the space. I love the look of these mercury glass votives, they have a beautiful mirrored glow factor. Here’s a tip-  re-purpose your candles once the candle is fully burned! Simply clean them out, add a tealight candle and voila you have another candle. Another re-purpose  would be for your makeup brushes or q-tips!

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Not only does Coton Colors have beautiful plates, they also carry complementary serveware platters, bowls, and dishes to accompany your fabulous table! I’m a sucker for a dessert board. I am always looking for a fun unique way to serve my dessert- a beautiful cake stand is a great alternative to wood board! Join me later this week as I will show you how to make one. Another unique way to use their platters, is by creating a drink station with pre-served cocktails or beverages.

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I hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas table and feel inspired this holiday season! Thank you again to Coton Colors for sponsoring this post. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Whitney Elaine