This season I am thrilled to be partnering with King of Christmas. King of Christmas provides a variety of garlands, wreaths and trees. This year, I decorated the  7ft Flocked Prince tree and wanted to share my review with all of you. For years I have been picking out trees for my clients and for my home personally. Below is the criteria I look for and my review of the King of Christmas Tree on a 1-10 scale.

Consider the following when selecting an artificial Christmas tree:

  1. Quality-  Thickness of branches? Is the tree dense with heavy flocking? Does the flocking shed?   Huge win there! KOC Score- 10
  2. Ease of UseIs the tree easy to install? Do you spend less work having to fluff the tree? How many connections do you have to plug in for a pre-lit tree? KOC Score – 8
  3. TechnologyWhat technology functions does the tree have? Does it have multi functions? While this tree was unlit, they offer pre-lit trees with multi-light functions. Something I always look for when buying trees. Last year, I went heavy on the pre-lit micro light trees. While these trees are definitely stand-alone trees- (without ornaments) most of them having over 1,000 lights on them. The brightness of the tree can sometimes take away the beauty of the ornaments. So just be mindful of the look you are going for. For this tree, I added three strands of lights to it and love the simple glow factor it has. KOC Score- 7
  4. Overall Appeal Can the tree stand alone and still make a beautiful impression? This tree can definitely do that. With the fullness that it has, and the flocking, it would be fine to leave the tree empty if you wanted. At the same time, when you decorate the tree it complements any color scheme or ornaments with the white flocking. KOC- 10

To look at their full line –click here– and this season if you use the discount code: whitneyelainedesigns at checkout they will give you 10% off your order!

Every year I like to change my Christmas tree up and seek inspiration at market. I enjoy going to market not only to see new holiday lines but to get a feel for future trends. Let me tell you… VINTAGE is HOT! I saw vintage across a lot of brands and lines. I love color so I knew immediately I was going to run with the vintage theme and look this year. The first thing I did was find my ornaments. Look at the beauties below!

I knew instantly I wanted to use Christopher Radko’s handmade Shiny Brite ornaments that are inspired by Christmas pasts. His European hand blown ornaments are stunning and are painted by artisians. Each ornament is truly an art piece which I love. To start your collection I have linked all my sources below.



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The second item I looked for was filler options. Traditionally, I have used picks in the past however to go full vintage I wanted to bring in the bead garlands and TINSEL! Tinsel, another huge market trend we are seeing. Tinsel is great because one, it gives the shiny effect (without glitter) yay! and it fills in spaces just as good as a pick! I found various sizes of tinsel and stuffed the tree with it. I then used Tinsel icicles and draped them on the branches.

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The last thing I always enjoy doing is styling the bottom of the tree. I loved how this look turned out! Pink presents and red ribbon tied everything together!

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I found this Santa at a local consignment shop and had to grab him. The lady said he was handmade from the 40’s! I have never seen Santa in an orange suit have you?

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I had so much fun decorating this tree and everytime I see it, it brings me joy! I hope you were able to get inspiration from this post. If you are in need of a new Christmas tree this year, don’t forget the discount code – whitneyelainedesigns to get 10% off your order at King Of Christmas.

Until next time,

Whitney Elaine