A light refreshing dessert perfect for display at your Fourth of July parties! Recipe below!

Stars and Stripes Parfait
Bakery Pound Cake (Vanilla)
Large container of Cool Whip

Cube pound cake and slice strawberries. In a parfait container, layer pound cake, then whip cream then fruit. Continue till you reach the top of the cup. Dollop cool whip on top and garnish with fresh blueberries and strawberries. If you didn’t want to use parfait glasses you could also do the same thing but with dessert shells. Enjoy!

Did you see our Watermelon Cucumber Cooler Recipe? Also, a great addition to your Fourth of July Parties!

Watermelon Cucumber Spritzer
Trader Joes Watermelon Cucumber Cooler Mix
1 oz. Titos Vodka (optional)
Sparkling water or *non-alcoholic champagne
Fresh cucumber and watermelon

In a glass, fill with ice. Add 1oz. of vodka (optional). Fill the glass with watermelon cucumber cooler mix leaving room for a splash of sparkling water. Serve with fresh watermelon and cucumber slices on top.
*Mocktail Version * add non-alcoholic champagne. Cheers!

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Until next time,
Whitney Elaine