This week I’m hosting my family over to celebrate my grandmothers birthday which happens to fall on St. Patricks Day! So fun! I wanted to the table to be as fabulous as my grandmother was and wanted something different than just all GREEN! So I came up with a ” I’m so Lucky to have you”. You will see the full look at the table later this week but wanted to show you how I made this “fauxBULOUS” tulip centerpiece.

I was really excited when I saw these mini tulips at Michaels craft store and thought they would be perfect for designing a beautiful centerpiece for St. Patricks Day. I grabbed three bunches in each color.

Next, I needed something large enough to hold all the flowers I purchased so I found a gift box from Sugar Paper LA. Be creative on what you use like a shoe or hat box.

The next few steps are super simple. You can add floral foam to help secure the tulip stems but in this case I just threw them in there! giggles.

Keep adding the tulips, placing them in a row.

When you have them all in place move them around and fluff the stems to fill in the gaps. That’s it!

Beautiful, and very easy to make! Use this all throughout spring or repurpose the tulips in other places of your home once your done using this centerpiece.

Until next time,
Whitney Elaine