You just came home from work, or from picking the kids up from school. You get a call and your extended family is coming into town and is wanting to pop by this evening. The panic sets in when you have last minute guests coming over for dinner!! Yikes! What do you do? How are you going to pull this off? Good news, follow these simple tips to help you be prepared and ready to entertain at any given notice! Enjoy!

Step one– Find an inspiration piece around your house. Use this as your setting point. I knew I had a lot of lemon and limes so I wanted to create a table incorporating them. I also had these black and white pitchers in my kitchen that I have been using to put fresh flowers in this summer so I grabbed them. Yellow and Black has traditionally always looked good together but can sometimes be overpowering so I incorporated my faux hanging wreath and planter to settle the colors. I had leftover baby breath from Edens shower so I sprinkled that throughout the table.

Step two– I love to use tablecloths to bring the table to life. I had this Isaac Mizrahi Summer Lemon tablecloth on hand that I had previously used for outdoor parties. My suggestion, go to Home Goods and pick up several tablecloths – that you know you can reuse. Having these on hand will help you to be prepared last minute.

Step three– Add natural candlelight. I am a huge proponent of natural candlelight. There is no better tool to create warmth at a table, than candlelight. Stock up on votives and pillar candles. Ikea is my go-to place for my stock pile of candles, and did I mention they are very inexpensive!!!

Step four- Make place-cards. Another important final impressive detail is adding place-cards to the table. Have fun with this step!! I used lemons and baby breath to hold a place card, or if you’re hosting a large party and have favors, tag their place-card to the favor. Be creative and thoughtful. Your guest will love seeing their name at a beautifully set table!

I hope these four simple, practical steps help ease your stress when you have last minute guests arriving.
Until next time,
Whitney Elaine