You guys I can’t believe it already Easter. This year was completely different than last, because now my babies understand the holiday- we are able to do all the activities that comes with the holiday. Which is so much fun with me considering I love to celebrate!

So as I was editing photos, I came across last year Easter photos! My have they grown. Creating special moments like these are so invaluable and I hope you are able to take the time to do this with your little one’s. Here’s a few tips I learned while working with toddlers and dying easter eggs!

Eden (19 months) Douglas (3 years)

Tip #1-
Set up the table before. Set up in an area that’s spill proof and mess proof like outside. Use a plastic tablecloth so you can easily dispose everything on top. Include all the materials on the table and provide storage containers for the eggs and drying place. Pre-mix all the your dyes.

Tip #2.
Keep the colors simple! Toddlers will be fascinated by the colors that develop. Save the more intricate design for the big kids. For dies use ROYGBIV for the basics. I added Pink of course. If your toddler is already familiar with the primary colors, talk to them about secondary colors. For example, dip the egg in red first, then blue to make purple etc…

Tip 3.
Use kitchen tools to dye the hard boiled eggs. A hand held whisk works great. Just place the egg in the center of whisk. A pasta server or ice cream scoop are good options for holding the eggs. My children ended up using their hands which is fine too.

Tip 4.
Keep your egg cartoon. When drying place the eggs in the carton sideways. Once fully dry you can place them vertical.

Tip 5.
Surprise your kids with confetti eggs. Half of the eggs we dyed were hard boiled and the other were confetti eggs. They didn’t know this until we finished up. They loved the nice little surprise. To learn how to make your own at home – click here-

Tip 6.
Save the shell!!! Whether your shelling hard boiled eggs that you dyed for Easter, or your scrambling eggs save the eggshell! They are excellent source of nutrients- in particular calcium for your plants. Not only are they are good source of nutrients but they can help deter several pest and large animals like deer. Simply crush the shell into tiny pieces and scatter them all over your beds and potted plants.

We had so much fun doing this. I just cherish these years of crafting and I hope you are able to spend extra time with your little ones this Easter. As always I have linked sources below. To see our full Easter shop on Amazon –click here

Until next time,
Whitney Elaine